DSL Services

DSL Speed Service WAN Internet Monthly CenturyLink Circuit Monthly
256k/256k* $13.99* +$15.00*
1.5M/896k* $19.99* +$25.00* (1YR/PROMO, $28.00 REG)*
Standalone 1.5M/896k* $19.99* +$30.00* (1YR/PROMO, $33.00 REG)*
Up To 3-7M/896k* $24.99* +$38.00*
Standalone Up To 3-7M/896k* $24.99* +$43.00*
One of many advantages of DSL is that your DSL circuit is wired directly to a phone company, neighborhood hub or central office. With that dedicated connection, you’ll always enjoy consistent speeds, no matter when you surf, day or night. Cable can’t make that claim!

And we’re constantly looking for ways to make our WAN Reliable High Speed DSL Internet Service faster, better and affordable.

From our 256/256 to 1536/896 to the blazing fast Up to 7.0Mbps, our WAN Reliable High Speed DSL Internet Service will enhance your online capabilities.
DSL Equipment Purchase Monthly Rental
Standard Modem (1 Computer)** $75.00+tax** --
Advance Networking (Multiple Computers+Wireless)* $100.00+tax* $8.00*
*Qwest provides rental rates for DSL modems at a charge of $8 per month (lifetime warranty) or purchase for $100 (1 year warranty). The Qwest DSL Line charge is in addition to your regular phone service. You will be charged a one-time shipping and handling of $14.99 and an activation fee of $19.99. Applicable tax or fees may apply.

**World Access Nework provides DSL modem for a purchase price of $75.00-100.00+tax (Standard Modem 1 Computer and Advance Networking Multiple Computers+Wireless).